Our Team

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Darryl Joseph
Licensed Real Estate Agent

Orlando and Central Florida is a great place to live, vacation and work, which is why Darryl J. chose to call it home. Originally born in the beautiful island of Trinidad and raised in the cultural melting pot of New York City, Darryl J. came to Orlando Florida in 2005.
After buying his first property at the young age of 24, Darryl J. became a Real Estate Investor. After several years of buying and selling his own properties, Darryl J. decided to share his knowledge and talents with individuals and families with a passion for owning their very own home.
Real estate is a passion for Darryl J. With his extensive background in contract negotiations and building relationships, it is easy to see why more families relocating to Orlando and currently living in Central Florida Call Darryl J. for help buying, selling and investing in their future.
Darryl J. has taken his talents to the Modern World Realty Family. A brokerage that has become well known for its commitment to assisting homebuyers and investors in obtaining the best deals no matter what side of the table they’re on. Darryl J. isn’t just passionate about helping families find their next home. Darryl J. Continues to serve hundreds of Brides and Grooms each year on the biggest day of their lives. Giving people and cultures from all walks of life the ultimate wedding experience. Darryl J is well known in Central Florida as an award winning and published Wedding Photographer and Wedding DJ.
When he’s not in the office, Darryl J. is a loving father, spending time with his son at many of Central Florida’s incredible restaurants, attractions and bike trails.